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WAY Session 1
Dec 27, 2017 ~ Jan 17, 2018

WAY Session 2
Jan 22, 2018 ~ Feb 9, 2018

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Beginning of Academic Policies

Academic Policies
Academic Policies
Students are expected to be responsible, honest and considerate of others. The WAY office reviews the actions of students charged with harassment, fraud, infringing on the rights of others, violating the rules and regulations of any University department; behaving inappropriately toward University faculty, staff, or fellow students; the unauthorized use of University facilities or equipment, including computer resources; the alteration or falsification of University records; the unauthorized recording, sale, or purchase of lectures or other instructional materials; destroying or defacing University property; misrepresenting themselves or their University affiliation; or disturbing orderly academic functions and processes.
Please note that using lectures or other instructional materials for commercial purpose and defacing university property is strictly prohibited. Any behavior disturbing orderly academic functions and processes will not be accepted. Please be advised that Yonsei University has the right to dismiss any student who it deems as detrimental to the program.
In this case, or in the event of a withdrawal for any reason prior to, or during the program, no refund is possible, if students fail to maintain adequate academic standards or if their behavior is not in keeping with university standards or the laws of Korea, such as illegal drugs and illegal employment.
Any academic regulations not stated here will follow those of Yonsei University.

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Grading Policies
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End of Academic Policies

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