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WAY Session 1
Dec 27, 2016 ~ Jan 16, 2017

WAY Session 2
Jan 19, 2017 ~ Feb 10, 2017

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Beginning of Campus Services

Campus Services

 Global Lounge

Since its opening in November 2002, the Global Lounge has played a central role in promoting cultural diversity on campus. The Global Lounge serves as a meeting ground for those interested in our international community. With its large exchange network, it is a multifunctional hub for both foreign and domestic students and faculty to strengthen their relationships and widen their perspectives.

The Global Lounge offers many services. The main facility caters to about 150 persons. It consists of 15 multi-television sets, broadcasting 14 different foreign channels. Visitors can check-out wireless headsets to keep up-to-date with events and news all around the world. Visitors can also participate in language exchange programs to learn or practice foreign languages. Seminar/conference rooms are also available upon request for study groups, workshops, or lectures. Reservations are limited to two per week, for a maximum of 3 hours per session.

The Global Lounge seeks to offer many more services. You can learn more at

 IT Facilities 

Computer Labs: Most college buildings are equipped with computer labs open to all Yonsei students.

PlaceLocationOperation Hours#of PCsPrintingNote
Muak Dormitory In the lobby of each building Open 24 hrs all week long 40 Available on PCs with printing card For resident use only
SK Global House Computer room and lecture room 1F Open 24 hrs all week long 20 Available on PCs with printing card For resident use only
Korean Language Institute 2F and 6F Mon ~ Fri 08:30 - 18:30 34 Available at the printing stand 1F  
New Millennium Hall Rm 114 Mon ~ Fri 09:00 - 17:00 24 Available on PCs with printing card Scanning is also available

 Getting Internet Access on Campus

Wireless Internet access is available throughout the campus. Your log-in ID and password will be provided during orientation.

 Setting up a School E-mail Account

Students and instructors can apply for a Yonsei e-mail account at: Yonsei e-mail can be set up in both Korean and in English. To apply for a new account, enter your student ID number or your faculty ID number and your alien registration number. You will be able to create an ID and enter in a password to set up your e-mail account. Each account comes with 100MB of storage and an Internet-based webhard service with a capacity of 1,000MB. E-mail and webhard services are both free of charge.

 Computer Labs

Yonsei University provides many computer labs throughout the campus. Two computer labs are available for the use of international students in the New Millennium Hall, and another is at the International House. We encourage students to bring their own portable/laptop computers. Each room in the International House has free wireless Internet access available on campus through nespot:    


End of Campus Services

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