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[2020 - 21 Winter Abroad at Yonsei] Online Orientation
DATE: Dec 14, 2020  |  READ: 2,628

Winter Abroad at Yonsei Online Orientation

Greetings from Yonsei University.


We would like to provide you an online orientation to help your campus life at Yonsei university for the 2020 Winter Abroad at Yonsei.

Please check the online orientation materials carefully since it includes important information about our program

Also, make sure to read the attached Student Handbook carefully as it includes many important notices. 

1. Fever Welcome Performance Video

Fever, our student dance club, welcomes you to our WAY program!

Hope you enjoy the video, and if you would like to watch more video visit the link below:

2. Opening

The Winter Abroad at Yonsei program Coordinator will give an opening to the orientation. 

3. Welcoming Remarks

Professor Paul Tonks, the Vice President of the Office of International Affairs sends a warm welcome to our students.

4. Academic Information (Video Clip)

Please click the below link to check the important academic information.

This video clip includes important academic information such as academic schedule, grading policy, classrooms and etc.

5. Library Information (Video Clip)

This video clip includes library information which helps you to understand how to use the library.

Please click the below link to check the important library information.

Note that the operation hours have changed right after the recording due to the COVID19, and it may further change depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Operation hour since Dec 10th, 2020. Please check the Student Handbook page 16, for the changed library operation hours. 

6. Important Notice

This video clip includes important information regarding where to pick up your student ID, academic calendar, and the course withdrawal period.

7. Campus Life and Life in Sinchon

This video clip includes useful and important information about campus life(location of the school building and cafeterias on campus, etc) and life in Sinchon.

Please refer to the below link to check the information about campus life and life in Sinchon.

Although most students won’t be able to visit our campus physically, hope you could at least have an online experience as a Yonsei University student on and around campus. 

8. Visit Yonsei University Campus on Minecraft!

This video made by Ludens introduces you to our Yonsei University Sinchon Campus through the amazing work they have made in the world of Minecraft.

Hope you enjoy it and if you are not able to visit this time, hope you could visit our campus next year, in our Yonsei International Summer School!


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