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[2021-22][Important] Offline course regulation update_Nov 1st
DATE: Oct 28, 2021  |  READ: 584

Dear student,
Hope you are doing well.

Today we would like to inform you of the updated policy regarding the offline course. According to the policy announced this week by Yonsei University, for the student safety, the number of students coming to in-person class is limited to 30 for each course.

The course registration is first-come first-served system. So, when a course has 30 students registered offline, the offline option will be closed. If you register the course when the capacity is full, you will have to take it online. When you have paid for the offline course tuition fee, but have to register online course, we will provide a refund as you will be eligible for the BEATOGETHER COVID-19 Scholarship (150,000 KRW per online course).

Please note that for those students intending to take an offline course, it’s best to apply for the course as early as possible during the course registration period.

The course registration schedule is as follows (all time is based on Korean Local Time):

1st Course Registration
Nov. 3
rd 10AM ~
Nov. 4th 17PM

Course registration on [].
* Log-in will be available from Nov. 3rd, 9:00.

Available only for those students who complete the tuition fee payment by October 31st.

2nd Course Registration
Dec. 9th 10AM ~
Dec. 10th 17PM

Course registration on [].

* Log-in will be available from December 9th, 9:00.

Add and Drop Period

Dec. 27th 9AM ~ 17PM

A course add and drop will be available on the first day of the program. This will be the last chance to change your course.

*Korean Language courses should be registered during the 1st and 2nd course registration period. They cannot be added in add and drop period (Dec 27th).

During the course registration, you should apply for the online or offline course in case of taking a course offering both of the method. You must apply to the course method(olnine or offline) based on the method you have applied on the application. You will be able to discern the course by the course section. Check the full course list attached. 

Please understand that this regulation is for the safety of our students.
If you have any questions, please send us an email to

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards,
WAY Team

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