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[2020-21] Special Library Service for WAY Students!
DATE: Sep 3, 2020  |  READ: 1,432

 To support the academic passion of our students during this difficult period, WAY students will have the privilege to use the library for an extended period. Students will have full access to Yonsei University Library until February 28th, 2021. 

Learn more about our library below!  

University Library

The interconnected Central Library and Yonsei-Samsung Library are huge with over 6,500 study/reading seats, 900 public computers, 1.5 million books, and countless e-resources. Features also include a reading room for students with disabilities in Yonsei’s efforts to be an inclusive university. Besides the wide selection of books and resources, there is also a 24-hour study room for that last-minute cramming the night before an exam or for those of you who are generally more productive (*library hours may change depending on the COVID-19 situations).

Yonsei-Samsung Library

If you do want a place where you can doze off on campus, there is the popular “No-Stress” area with beanbags at the Yonsei-Samsung Library. These beanbags can be found on the first floor, but you may have to fight others to get the spot since it is probably the most comfortable place on campus for that power nap between study sessions.  You can also take a break from reality by watching weekly films at the Library Theater located in the Multimedia Center (3F), which are screed by media staff members and Yeonsi, the library cinema club.


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