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            ※All deadlines are based in Korea Standard Time (KST, UTC+9)


Early Bird Promotion

▶Reward Benefits
Tuition discount (15% discount) + early bird course registration (exclusive for early birds)


  1. Complete online application submission and application fee payment by October 12
  2. Complete tution fee payment by October 26


  • Early bird reward will be automatically deducted from the tuition if you complete online application and application fee payment by October 12.
  • If your tuition fee is not paid in full by deadline(October 26), Early Bird Promotion will be cancelled.



Re-Enrollment Benefit 

Benefit : [KRW 100,000]

  • Eligibility: All students who have participated in the YISS or WAY program in the past
  • How to Apply: notify WAY Team of re-enrollment upon application by email ( by application deadline(November 16) to enjoy benefit.


  • The benefit will be applied to your tuition after you receive the letter of admission via e-mail.
  • Late notification is not accepted


Yonsei Alumni Scholarship

▶Benefit : [KRW 200,000] 

  • Eligibility: Students whose parents are graduates of Yonsei University
  • How to Apply: Please send the required documents by e-mail by application deadline (November 16)

Required Documents

  1. (Parents') Certificate of Graduation
  2. Certificate of Kinship (Resident Registration, Birth Certificate, etc.)


  • Alumni scholarship can be either deducted from your tuition fee if documents arrived earlier than tuition fee payment or refunded when tuition fee payment is already done
  • Application Deadline: November 16, 2023. Late submission is not accepted



APRU & AEARU Associate University Scholarship 



APRU & AEARU Scholarship: [KRW 100,000]

▶Member List 

APRU members:

AEARU members:


  1. APRU & AEARU scholarship will be automatically applied to tuition discount when the admission is offered.
  2. It is for students who are are enrolled in the APRU and AEARU associate university.
  3. Applications must be complete online application with an official transcript.

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