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[2018-19 Winter Abroad at Yonsei] Certificate of Completion & Library Loans
DATE: Feb 7, 2019  |  READ: 1,402

Here are some important announcements and reminders:

 1. Certificate of Completion

WAY Certificate will be distributed at the WAY information desk(Education Sciences Hall Room 409) during the designated period.

Feb 13 : 09:30 ~ 13:00

Also the certificate of completion can be collected during the designated period only.

All students will be asked to fill out and submit a short program questionnaire before picking up your certificate.

Please note that the program questionnaire is different from the course evaluation.


2. Library Loans

All library materials checked out from the library must be returned by Feb 13. If you have any outstanding library loans after that date, your transcripts will be withheld and your grades will not be reported to your home university.

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