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Application Instructions

After being admitted to the Winter Abroad at Yonsei (WAY), you will receive your admission number. With this admission number, please visit the housing website and sign up first before applying for housing.


Application Procedures

  1. Sign up at the housing website (
    * In order to sign up, you need to input personal information and create your ID and password for the housing website.
  2. Log in and click on APPLICATION --> WAY Application
  3. Start your housing application by clicking the button for International House or SK Global House
  4. After completion of housing application, please go to 'MY Page' to confirm that all information is entered correctly.
  5. Every Friday after 5 pm (Korean time) during the application period, please visit 'MY Page' to confirm the STATUS.
  6. If the status is 'PASS,' please click your housing application number to find out your virtual bank account information.
  7. Please make your payment for the housing by Dec. 10, 2018.
    * Each student has a different bank account number, which is also different from the one for program fee. 

Tuberculosis Testing Requirement

All residents are required to present a result of tuberculosis testing before check-in.

Refund Policy

For more information on the refund policy, please contact SK global house.
SK global house : or (82) 2-2123-8254



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