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How to Apply(On-Campus)


※ 2023 WAY On-Campus Dormitory reservation procedure updated.

※ To reset your PW please contact the WAY office

※ To apply On-Campus Dormitory you must check your Student ID number. 

(Click here for 'How to check my student ID #')


▶The capacity of On-Campus Housing for 2023 WAY is about 450-500. Please note that it is first-come, first-served based and housing application can be very competitive.


▶Students with WAY admission offer can apply for on-campus housing.


▶Students who take ONLY online classes are not eligible for Dormitory reservation. 


▶Housing application period:


                                        First Round: 2023. 11. 6.(MON)  ~ 2023. 11.  8.(WED) KST (Early bird promotion acceptant ONLY)


                                        Second Round: 2023. 11. 20.(Mon) ~ 2023. 11. 22.(Wed) KST  


Application Instructions

Enrolled to the Winter Abroad at Yonsei (WAY), you will receive your Student ID number. With this Student ID number, please visit the Dormitory website for applying for on-campus housing, referring all housing-related information there.

NOTE : To ensure your reservation, we strongly recommend you to apply for WAY and get acceptance as early as possible. Admission review may take up to 2 weeks, and only Student ID number holders can apply for on-campus housing. 


Application Procedures

1. How to apply  On-Campus dormitory application:  Notice - 연세대학교 생활관 (


2. Log in on Yonsei portal ( ) - Only available on PC or tablet PC

   ID : Student ID number (202382XXXX)
   Password : D.O.B (YYMMDD) (If you have change your password previously please use the one you have changed)


3. Select ‘Academic Information System’ under YONSEI SERVICE 


4. Select 'Dormitory' under Academic Information , and select 'Dormitory Application' or 'Application for Admission(exchange)'.




5. Click   and select your housing term.


6.  Fill out the request information for the application. Columns with red flags are mandatory.


7.  For ‘Joining Dormitory Questions’ select the checkbox according to the questions and reply.


8. Double check the information in the final stage ‘Check Application Details’. Select ‘Complete’ for submission of application.  A pop-up will appear asking for final submission.

Make sure you select ‘OK’ to submit your application.



9.  If you see the cancellation button in the page at the end, your application has been successfully submitted. If you need to cancel your application, select ‘Cancel Application’. 


Tuberculosis Testing Requirement

All residents are required to present a result of tuberculosis testing before check-in.


Refund Policy

For more information on the refund policy, please contact SK global house.
SK global house :,8256~7

Woo Jung Won:, 82-2-2123-7476

Cancellation Policy :  



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