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  • The Application fee must be paid in full when the application is submitted and no later than Nov 16, 2023.
  • All other fees should be paid after admission is confirmed no later than Nov 30, 2023.
  • All fees are in Korean Won (KRW), and all deadlines are based on Korea Standard Time (KST, UTC+9).


Example of Course Combinations:

※ 1 Course → ex 1) 1 Video Lecture or 1 In-person

※ 2 Courses → ex 1) 1 Video lecture + 1 In-person

                            ex 2) 2 Video Lecture

                            ex 3) 2 In-person

※ 3 Courses → ex 1) 1 Video Lecture + 2 In-person

                            ex 2) 2 Video Lecture + 1 In-person 

                             ex 3) 3 Video Lecture



*Early Bird Promotion is applicable to those who 1) complete the online application and application fee payment by Oct 12. and 2) receive an acceptance letter and make full tuition fee paid by Oct 26.


▶Housing Fee (On-campus):

Extracurricular Activity Fee:

* Fees are subject to change without prior notice.
* Exchange rate information can be found here. For accurate information about the wire transfer amount, please consult your local bank.



Payment Method

1. Wire Transfer (Domestic/International)

Bank Information
 - Bank: Wooribank, Yonsei Branch
 - Account No.: Personal Virtual Account No.  (This will be sent to you by email after the online application is completed.)
 - Recipient: Yonsei University
 - Swift Code: HVBKKRSE

▶The sender's name does not have to be the same as the applicant's name.

2. Flywire (Credit/Debit Card Payment(overseas) or other payment services)

▶Flywire provides international bank transfers, credit/debit card payments and other online payment methods. Cards issued overseas are acceptable through Flywire. You may complete the payment in your local currency, and check the payment progress in real-time via Flywire website.

* On the flywire payment system, only the card brands or other payment methods available for your country will be displayed. The final amount shown in your home currency includes any charges and fees charged by your credit/debit card provider, exchange rate fees, and Flywire service charges. Paying by card does not provide the assurance of a best rate guarantee.
Please refer to the guarantee system of Flywire here-



  1. It is okay to send your fees in your local currency. The receiving bank (Wooribank) will change it to Korean won when making the deposit to the bank account. Please make sure to consider the exchange rate on the date of the transaction including bank charges.
  2. All bank fees are the responsibility of the sender. The University reserves the right to retrieve from the student any bank charges or foreign exchange costs that may be incurred.

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