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Transcript Issuance

Transcripts will be mailed to the university address for free by regular mail service. Students can expect to receive their transcript approximately one month after the program ends. Students should check both their permanent address and university address to see if they are correct before the program ends.

Additional Transcript Request

Transcript requests can be made by clicking below menu.

All requests must include the student's name, date of birth, telephone number and mailing address. It is the student’s responsibility to provide an accurate address of the place where the transcript should be sent. There is a fee required for each transcript requested. The pricing information is listed below for the different types of delivery services.

* Academic transcripts normally take 3-4 business days to process.
* We can send your transcript after confirming your wire transfer. (No exception)
* We do not have any responsibility for students' personal deadline.

Transcript issuance service/delivery charge for telegraphic transfer:

 Korean AddressInternational Address
Express Mail 4,000 KRW 25,000 KRW

*The transcript issuance service charge for personal pick-up is 2,000 KRW per transcript.

Account information and number for wire transfer:
Bank: Wooribank, Yonsei Branch (Swift Code: HVBKKRSE)
Account No.: 126-000368-18-431
Account Holder: 연세대학교

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