Winter Abroad at Yonsei

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Class Schedule

Academic Course
(3 credits)
09:30 – 12:00
Korean Language or Taekwondo
(1 credit)
13:30 – 14:30* no class

* 13:30-15:30 on the last day of each session (Jan. 17 / Feb. 13)

Possible Courses

* Course list is prospective and may change without prior notice.

Code Title Credit Description Syllabus Professor
ECO1103 Principles of Microeconomics 3 Byung-il Choi
Ewha Womans University
IEE1156 Asian Art History 3 Seokwon Choi
IEE2019 Introductory Psychology 3 AnSuk Jeong
University of Utah
IEE2054 Social Psychology 3 Young-Hoon Kim
Yonsei University
IEE3293 Strategic Management 3 Ji-hyun Kim
Yonsei University
IEE3343 Financial Accounting 3 In Ki Joo
Yonsei University
ISM3503 East Asian International Relations 3 Youngshik Bong
Yonsei University
ISM3520 Korean Development 3 Jongryn Mo
Yonsei University
UIC1581 Eastern Civilization 3 Michael Hope
Yonsei University
UIC3611 Modern Korean Literature 3 John Frankl
Yonsei University
IEE1137 Korean Language 1 1 -
IEE1138 Korean Language 2 1 -
IEE1139 Korean Language 3 1 -
IEE1140 Taekwondo 1 1 Youngsun Kim

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