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Winter Abroad at Yonsei is open to all students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university as well as high school seniors who have been accepted to an accredited university. (We have a minimum GPA requirement for college or university students, which is above 2.0/4.0.) 

※Due to strengthened immigration regulation, Certificate of Admission(CoA) that is required for a student visa(D-2-8) will no longer be issued.

Application Materials (To be uploaded in online application)

We are now entirely paperless and no mailing of hard copy is necessary. Please upload:

1. Academic Document

(either) Your official transcript(scanned or e-copy) if you are currently attending a college or university
(or) Your university admissions confirmation letter if you are a high school senior

2. Photo for student ID

3. Copy of passport (if required)

 Application Procedures

* After receiving Acceptance Letter to the program, all students coming to Korea are required to provide proof of Health/ Travel Insurance covering their stay in Korea during the program period. 
(※ We may require further documents or materials for admission review)

* Those who would like to apply for on-campus housing are strongly recommended to apply for WAY and get acceptance as early as possible. Admission review may take up to 2 weeks, and only admission number holders can apply for on-campus housing. On-campus housing is first-come, first-served basis, which is very competitive.

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