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[2022-23] Announcement: Course registration of WAY for students at Yonsei University / 연세대학교 본교생대상 국제동계대학 수강신청에 관하여
DATE: Nov 11, 2022  |  READ: 1,444


  • Take up to 6 credits (2 courses)
  • Scheduling conflicts must be considered in advance.
  • Please consult each department whether the course can be approved by majors
  • Courses other than major-related ones will be counted toward free elective credits.
  • Online Only Courses(On-Demand Courses) & Language courses are unavailable
  • Of the matters not specified above, Yonsei's seasonal course policy shall be used.


  • 최대 6학점 신청& 학점인정 가능 (2과목) 
  • 전공학점 인정 여부는 소속대학(학과) 문의
  • 전공 외 수업은 일반 선택 학점 인정
  • Online Only Course(On-Demand) 과목 과 Language Course 수강 불가
  • 기타 사항은 연세대학교 계절제수업 운영에 관한 시행세칙을 따름

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